For the past 5 years, I’ve created stories that I, myself, didn’t know I could possibly share with everyone.

Like everyone else, I started from the bottom; from those “cringe” worthy writing style to now a formal and proper type of writing stories, from those weird and spontaneous plots to now a well established plots, from randomly or impromptu writing updates to now preparing them in advance and not publishing them unless I have finished the whole story or I’ve created a lot of drafts in advance.

Right now, I’m still studying, I’m still trying my best to grow and learn new things to improve my writing skills. I now ask my friends, who are avid readers in that site, about their suggestions, their thoughts about my story, about my plots, how I can improve it, and the likes, and I am very thankful for them for being there to support me.

The stories I’ve created before, I’m about to edit all of them, try to write them in a proper way, in a less confusing timeline, in a much more detailed story than before. I’ve started editing some and still in the process, and I hope my readers would be patient enough to wait for me.

I still have a long way to go, a lot of stories to share, and I hope that everyone around me will keep on supporting me.