GOT7 Mark

Okay…  Honestly, among the members of GOT7, Mark Tuan aka Fly Boy is my bias, so why do I have to create such blog post and dedicated it to him? When in fact, I already have a story where he is my main character.

To start off, for the past couple of days, I’ve been into watching GOT7’s Mark videos. Well, that’s pretty normal, right? I mean he is my bias after all. But actually, this started when my friend, a Jinyoung biased, sent me a photo. Yes, this photo right here.


Jinyoung was her bias, but when she saw this photo, she said that he was too handsome or something along those lines. That she actually ended up creating a story, yes she’s a writer too. It was actually a collab story that we created. She posted it on Wattpad while I posted it on Asianfanfics my very first writing site. So what does it have to do with this post?

Like what I said, it was actually because of the photo lowkey because of their comeback today that I started watching his videos again; which I think, was a huge mistake. Eversince I became his fan, I haven’t actually watched or looked for fan made videos, or even fan cams because I only watch their official videos. Then I started watching those, and I almost threw away my laptop, I never expected such videos to exist. A few of them were funny, hyperactive which was not normal, shy type Mark videos. Then I ended up watching those fan made videos that made me lose it. Let’s define them as 18+ Mark videos.

Like how did those video started to exist?! Yes, I know, Mark is gorgeous af, guns guns guns everywhere, lip licking rapper, so I basically knew he would be hot in some videos. But deym, put the perfect song, and BOOM! Feels everywhere!

Basically, I made this post, under the category “STORIES”, because. I’m actually thinking of making a new story for Mark, a fluffy and light story AND take note, it’s an AND a dark slightly matured story.

I don’t know how I’m going to pull off the dark style fic because I can’t imagine Mark being in the dark side. He’s all shy, boyfriend material type, all smiles kind of guy, so I really hope I can give justice on that fic. About the fluff style fic, I’ve actually started writing it, but needed more time to sort a lot of things.

So there we are, two pending stories at once. I don’t know when I’ll be able to publish these stories, I’m pretty sure it will take a while, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to write these stories.

So, enough with this rambling and I’ll be seeing you guys in a while. Toodles.

XoXo: kaminari1007


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